Experiences of 100 Colgate Students of Color

Brittney Chin ’21 asked 100 Colgate students about being a person of color on campus.

It is disheartening that students of color feel inferior, alienated, unaccepted, and unwelcome on campus. It is worrisome that students of color describe Colgate as “a place where my skin color matter[s] so much” and “there are all these low-key hate crimes.” The experiences of students of color make it clear that Colgate is not fully achieving its mission of “educat[ing] students to virtue and encourag[ing] them to respond openly and sensitively to others who are different from themselves.”

This video is call to action for all members of the campus community to educate themselves about the experiences of people of color at Colgate, in Hamilton, and beyond. This video implicitly compels members of the Colgate community to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As a white faculty member, I take seriously my responsibility to:

  • Acknowledge my own (unintentional) failures in creating an equitable, inclusive, and welcoming community for students of color;
  • Be cognizant of my actions and words in the classroom and beyond;
  • Use the power and privilege I inherently possess because of my whiteness and position to work toward change.