Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Colgate University

310 McGregory Hall
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY 13346

agemberjacobson {at} colgate.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Fall 2016

  • Operating Systems (COSC 301)

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Recent Publications

Fast Control Plane Analysis Using an Abstract Representation [paper] [slides] [techreport]
Aaron Gember-Jacobson, Raajay Viswanathan, Aditya Akella, and Ratul Mahajan.
SIGCOMM, 2016.

Novel abstractions for data center network management [thesis]
Aaron Gember-Jacobson.
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2016.

Paving the Way for NFV: Simplifying Middlebox Modifications using StateAlyzr [paper] [slides] [techreport]
Junaid Khalid, Aaron Gember-Jacobson, Roney Michael, Anubhavnidhi Abhashkumar, and Aditya Akella.
USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), 2016.

Management Plane Analytics [paper] [slides]
Aaron Gember-Jacobson, Wenfei Wu, Xiujun Li, Aditya Akella, and Ratul Mahajan.
Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), 2015.

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